Business around the world is shifting towards the online. Along with it, customer habits are also changing. Most of their shopping comes from the eCommerce site. It’s a great benefit for sellers. Now sellers can sell their products to a large customer base and result, there is a cluster of different marketplaces. Managing this cluster is quite challenging for online businesses. This cluster can slow down the sales cycle if not taken care of properly.

To get a complete overview of your online business, you need to implement OMSGuru, a management system software for your business. This platform integrates different marketplaces, reduces manual work, gives a clear idea of the sales cycle and fast-tracks the process.

Key Features of OMSGuru:

Order Management System:

When the business is small, managing order is simple. But as the business grows, order management becomes a tough job. Order Management feature of OMSGuru streamlines all the orders from different marketplaces on one platform and processes them efficiently.

Inventory Management System:

This smart feature of OMSGuru gives real-time stock updates, and tracks your goods throughout your entire supply chain, from order purchasing to production to end sales. Through Inventory Management System, inventory gets managed automatically and you get updated.

Payment Reconciliation:

Having a clear idea about payment and profit is very important in any business. But in eCommerce, the orders are so high that managing payment, sales return, commission, order sale, shipping etc., is quite complicated. Managing it all manually is error-prone. OMSGuru’s Payment Reconciliation Feature automates this entire process and simplifies it by checking all the individual payments.

Return Reconciliation

Order return is a money-losing part of any business. It is necessary to have complete information about it like which returns you are supposed to receive, which returns you have received and which returns you have not received. OMSGuru automates return reconciliation which speeds up the process and improves the efficiency of the process.


You can scale up your eCommerce business by implementing OMSGuru. It provides you with all the features that fulfill your business’s need to improve its sales cycle. As well as OMSGuru gives n number of features to give relief to your mental stress of managing multiple channel eCommerce business at one place, one dashboard. And you can easily catch up will all your business data in

So, If you are into online business, you should give an try to OMSGuru. For that you can also book a free demo of OMSGuru.

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