• It is a fact that Customer & Courier returns are a part and parcel of online business. On an average, depending on your business category, you may get 1-10% customer return and 10-20% courier returns of the total orders that you have dispatched.

    Approximately 30% of your online sales get returned. It is a huge portion of your business, where you are not making money, but losing money. And it becomes necessary to become certain that you are getting the returns in your warehouse so that they contain your losses to your initial judgement.

    Return Reconciliation is a process by which you know for sure which returns you are supposed to receive, which return you have received and which return you have not received.

    Doing it manually every day requires skilled labour and dedication. While with automated return reconciliation, you can save time & money and improve your efficiency and recover the lost return costs.

    • Automated Return Reconciliation

      OMSGuru is a centralized platform for all major marketplaces (self-ship, dropship and warehouse fulfilled) which helps you simplify the return reconciliation process.

      OMSGuru quickly identifies your outstanding returns, received returns and upcoming returns. The data syncs with the marketplaces to ensure that we deliver the automated return reconciliation at your fingertips.

    • Quick Returns

      With OMSGuru, you can receive your returns, inspect and classify them in a jiffy using the Barcode scanner. We have optimized the process for the best efficiency of the online sellers so that returns get processed accurately and in a speedy manner.

    • OMSGuru Mobile App

      You can use OMSGuru mobile app as well for processing returns by scanning the barcode via your mobile phone, find the reason for the return, and classify the return as good or bad. You can take the pictures of the return and submit the claims as well.

    • Post Process Returns

      Once you have received the returns, you may need to post-process the returns like re-pack, re-check functionality, etc. OMSGuru provides a feature to help you with post-processing, after which you can move the return inventory in-stock.

      Get started today with OMSGuru to eliminate human errors, improving the business efficiency, and plugging off the losses because of lost returns.