For an online seller, having a proper multichannel order management system is a crucial step in scaling the business operations. A software for Order Management System (OMS) should be the one that helps you minimize the manpower, reduce repetitive tasks and maximize the operational efficiency. OMSGuru focuses on order management system ecommerce maximizing your operational efficiency by taking care of the repetitive tasks involved in processing the orders daily of scale. All the orders from different marketplaces will be synced in our platform and then from our single platform, the orders will get processed. This will help you track all the orders timely manner and reduce the manual man power required, which results in lower operational cost.

Advantages of the OMSGuru

Manage Orders Centrally

We help you manage real-time order processing from a single platform. No need to log in to multiple channels to manage and process your order. OMSGuru automatically syncs the orders from multi-channels and disperse them to you in a single panel.

Bulk Order Processing

We provide you the option to process orders in bulk, where you can process 1000s of orders in one go. You will download the labels for these orders in bulk sorted by product sku, courier, etc. This will help you save on the order processing time and manual labour in manually sorting the labels.

Batch-wise Order Processing

Depending on your warehouse operation flow, you may prefer to do the order processing by batch. In OMSGuru, you can create batches of order manually or automatically and then process the orders in such batches and keep track of orders with ease.

Picklist to Pick Products from Warehouse

We provide you the picklist to pick products by batches or in bulk, so you can facilitate the picking process from the warehouse. All the products in the picklist can be sorted by racks, name, sku, etc. which saves time and makes the picking process efficient as per your convenience.

Download and Print Invoice & Shipping Labels in Bulk

You can download and print the invoice & shipping labels of all multi-channel orders in bulk or batch-wise. They can customize the shipping labels and invoice to have them printed on the thermal printer for faster processing. Bulk label download saves you time as the order will sort the labels.

Manifest Generation

There are multiple ways to generate the Manifest in OMSGuru. You can either scan every shipment AWB (ideally recommended), or select the batch of orders or select the orders to dispatch. When you dispatch the orders, manifest gets generated. Manifest are available for download on OMSGuru as well for future records.

Track Orders from Single Platform

After the orders are dispatched, system will keep of the order status across different marketplaces and update individual order statuses accordingly. This keeps you updated on the order statuses from a single panel with ease.

Return Order Reconciliation

OMSGuru monitors the orders that are marked as return on the marketplaces and expects the return to be received back in the warehouse. If the order is not received back in the system, our system will alert you that the return is to be expected back within the applicable marketplace policies. In addition, the system will help you automate the return process and manage the product for resale and update the inventory automatically else recover the lost by filing a claim.

Offline Order Management

If you are doing the business in an offline world then we help you with creation of offline orders. OMSGuru also provides a Point of Sale system (POS) for your retail store. Using Offline & POS solution from OMSGuru will help you manage the inventory across a single or multiple warehouse.

Dynamic & Easy to Use User Interface

OMSGuru developed an interface, wherein a non-techie person can easily understand the system and do the transition smoothly without any hurdles. A dynamic and live interface where all transactions are fetched and process real-time.

Automated Order process as per SLA

Concerned about SLA while processing orders? Well, OMSGuru manages your SLA of the orders and it will sort the orders as per the priority. Hence there is no chance of SLA breach ever while processing the orders via OMSGuru.

Custom Retail Invoice

OMSGuru enables the feature of generating a customized invoice while processing the orders. Now no need to use any other systems for maintaining or generating you invoices