OMSGuru makes Multi-Channel Retail Business Easy

OMSGuru is built with single goal in mind: to help big & small sellers and retailers manage their back-end business operations with ease. 

Our goal is to make the best online order management system that gives sellers what they want in seconds. We provide you with the solution to scale the eCommerce business across multiple marketplaces. OMSGuru provides you a streamlined process that increases your productivity and grows your business profitability. 

Return Reconciliation

Use the Return Reconciliation to know exactly which orders you were supposed to receive back and you haven't received yet. A lost return is a lost product, which can amount to huge losses quickly. OMSGuru helps you identify and claim such losses and protect your business.

Automate Business to Save Time & Costs

Automate the daily operations of managing inventory, processing orders leads to time & cost savings. Automation also helps reduce the manual errors.

Stock Management Made Easy

Use the Inventory Management System of OMSGuru to manage your stock, purchases, inwarding, transfers and order processing. With a central platform, you can get clear idea of your inventory in seconds.

Payment Reconciliation

Know if you have received the payment that you are supposed to receive. If there is any anomaly in the payment may be due to shipping, commission, extra fees, chargebacks, etc, OMSGuru will do order level reconciliation and inform you of any issues upfront and help you recover such lost funds.

MultiChannel Sync a Boon for Growth

Seamelessly integrate across all the major channels. This will help you scale your business without dependency on a single channel.

Know where your Business Stands

With real-time reporting, you will be on top of business and know exactly what you need know in seconds. No more waiting for reports. Know your exact Profits. Remove losses & scale profitability.

More than 400 Cr GMV Orders get processed, managed and reconciled each month. Whether you sold your first item on Flipkart or you're an Amazon veteran, OMS Guru can make your life easier.

Please fill in the details below to have one of our experts give you a personalize demo of our solution and then you can see for yourself how OMSGuru (Order management System Software) can help scale your business to new heights.