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Payment Reconciliation

Get the payments reconciled for all marketplaces in an instant. Easily find problem invoices to follow up.


Return Reconciliation

Simplify your process with a centralised platform for all your return products.


Centralized Inventory Sync

Automatically Sync stock levels across all marketplaces, so there’s no risk of overselling. Sell More with less inventory!


Order Management System

Single platform for all your order processing needs. Super Easy & Streamlined with thousands of seller inputs to ensure your daily operations will take less time.


Insightful Business Reports

Get an in-depth understanding of your business operation in a fraction of time with our detailed reports & analysis.


GST Calculations

Automatically Sync stock levels across all marketplaces, so there’s no risk of overselling. Sell More with less inventory!


Profit & Loss

Know instantly which products, categories, channels, warehouses are making money and which are loss making in an instant. Be Smart & Grow your business profitably.


Integrated Accounting

Sync all sale invoices, returns credit & debit notes into Tally, Busy, etc accurately.


Warehouse Management System

With Advanced WMS, you can create Purchase Orders from multiple vendors, create GatePass, GRN, Barcodes, Stock Transfer, FIFO, Manage Expiry Date Stock.

Integrate all your E-Commerce Business on one single Dashboard.

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What are the features available in OMSGuru Plan Account?

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OMSGuru offers features covering the most important for Order Management. We would like to brief you with our service offerings which we provide is as below:

  • Multi-Channel Order Processing.
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Sync.
  • Return Management & Return Reconciliation.
  • Mobile app for quick & easy return processing and claim filing.
  • Payment Reconciliation at per invoice level.
  • Payment Outstanding Reporting at per invoice level.
  • Problem Reporting for any extra channel fees deduction, or any other issues we may find.
  • Profit & Loss Reporting for your entire online business operation.
  • Profit & Loss Reporting for each of your products, so you know which product is making profit & which product is making loss.
  • Tally/Busy Integration (Sale and Return).
  • GST Payable calculation.
  • Multi Rackspace / Multiple Bin.
  • Support Multi Warehouse.
  • Product Barcoding.
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Offer Value:

On 10,000 + 18% GST Recharge Total offer Points You will Get 11,000 Credit points.
10% Extra Points you will getting.

OMSGuru makes Multi-Channel Retail Business Easy