Manage Multi-channel Ecommerce Inventory Optimally – Challenges & Solutions
Manage Multi-channel Ecommerce Inventory Optimally – Challenges & Solutions

In recent times, When brands are moving to the D2C (Direct to customer) method of selling over traditional long supply chain method, and sooner they started understanding that running an eCommerce business is a quite challenging job as there is tough competition in the market as well as there are different management methods needed to be implemented to succeed. Every online retailer is trying to serve the customer as fast as possible. 

In this fast pacing business, there’s one thing that every eCommerce business struggles with is inventory management, and then the only thing which can keep you ahead of your competitors is a robust inventory management procedure.

It is necessary to have a complete overview of ins and outs of managing inventory to build a sustainable, profitable, scalable eCommerce business in today’s time. There are too many challenges faced by eCommerce businesses, where Inventory management leads the chart. 

And Here we will talk about some of the challenges & solutions for Inventory Management.

Challenges of eCommerce Business Inventory Management:

Challenges of eCommerce Business Inventory Management

Most eCommerce businesses have multiple warehouses which cause inefficient coordination, as well as brands also sell on multiple eCommerce channels (i.e. One brand selling its multiple products on Their website, Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho & many other platforms), so It becomes very difficult to keep exact track of all inventory arrived at warehouses, and orders dispatched. Manual handling makes it more complicated and time-consuming.

And due to such inefficient inventory management, Stock shortage or stock surplus is a common problem that businesses face. Incomplete information costs a lot to the company resources. And keep ignoring issues like this, which may lead the company to terrible losses and unwanted outcomes. 

To avoid such inventory management errors, online businesses across the world are embracing eCommerce inventory management software.

eCommerce Inventory Management Solution:

eCommerce Inventory Management Solution

Here comes the role of eCommerce inventory management software, which helps you to manage your inventory efficiently and keeps you away from the stress of the frequent collapse of inventory. It used to be a cloud-based software product that is developed to link various marketplaces, warehouses, and your organization’s ERP systems together into a single platform. 

As the order activities occur on different marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, Meesho, Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, and Shopify), the inventory gets managed automatically in real-time. And shows you hassleless statistics of all your inventories in the warehouse, stock dispatched as well as orders delivered.

If you are looking for such eCommerce tool for eCommerce Business, choose OMSGuru – a robust software that facilitates Inventory Management features across multiple channels. 

Why OMSGuru?

Implementing OMSGuru makes your work easier and helps to grow your business. It provides you with good inventory data which helps you make data-based strategic decisions about what to do next, what to buy, and where there is a shortage. It increases your real-time visibility and reduces errors. Real-time inventory value tracking not just gives you data but also accurately monitors your company’s complex finances.

OMSGuru provides advanced inventory management modules including Advanced Multi-Channel Inventory Sync, Multiple Warehouse Management, Print Barcode & Retail Labels, Prioritize stock allocation on Multi-channel, Buffer Stock, Max Listed Stock, Simple & Bundled Combo products, Manage Inventory by Rack Space, Put Away and Pick List.

In short, OMSGuru covers every major feature that an eCommerce business should need for its day-to-day inventory control.

If you are still having doubt that how a software can work like magic & smoothen your inventory management process, then you can connect with OMSGuru Support Team by clicking here or Schedule a free demo to clear all your queries & help you take your decision.


Thus, if your Inventory issues are covered with such software, you can further focus on your business growth and achieve your business target without giving your valuable time and efforts to such easily automatable business operations.

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